dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Picture 6

Haha it's scary how he and Aya we look like each other. Now i really have to admit it...

Letter 18

Hi Dad!
How are you? The day before yesterday mom and me left, with the neighbors, to sleep a night in 2bayyet. It was fun. As much as i seem to be into all the new technology i really enjoy escaping from it. Up there i had the chance to log on to Facebook but just the thought of it repulsed me. So anyway, up there the weather was freezing. Just the way i like it. Unfortunately they told me that the temperature was exactly the same as Broumana so i was up there unprepared and the cold penetrated my bones. But i was happy. I'm not really a summer person (as in the weather. don't get me wrong i love the summer) but i really miss the cold. As we were walking in the Zouk, i felt the pain that you get to your knees when you're cold i forgot how much i liked the feeling. And then the... how do you call it...? that blister you get on you lip... well i had one too it felt so nice. Okay it must sound like I'm masochistic. But don't you have a pain you just like? Like a bruise when you press on it.. Or a aphtha (i think that's how it's called in french it's aphte) don't you like to press down on it? Anyhoo.. I have to go i have a huge commentary en french so...
I love you my Daddy
Your Daughter that misses you enormously

A Wish

Light a star for me tonight

vendredi 27 novembre 2009

mercredi 25 novembre 2009

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A Thought

I miss you, but i miss the whole family too. So much.

Letter 17

Hey Dad!
How are you? Today i finally accepted the fact that the Lebanese are popular for all the wrong things. Numerous times i've read a mention of the Lebanese in different books i've read. The image the outside world have of us is unfortunately extremely negative. For example, Paulo Coelho compared a Lebanese woman to a witch if i remember correctly. And i've read of a Lebanese terrorist and villain. And most recently a comparison to a Lebanese hairdresser. In my opinion those aren't very positive... But the positive side of this popularity is the fact that at least it's not the least known county like Tadjikistan, kiribati, tuvalu or Nauru (i've done my research) But still it would be nice if there was some positive recognition. Ah well our time will come once we don't have a power outage multiple times a day or a shortage of water. Oh and let's not forget the horrible and terrifying traffic. Anyhoo..
Love you my dearest Daddy!
I miss you so much

Letter 16

Hi Dad.
How are you today? Mom is getting on my last nerve. The day i decide to study extremely well she accuses me of no studying at all. While the whole 3 hours i sat on my but doing nothing but studying (and talking to myself) she was in the salon playing cards with her friends. what gives her the right to come into my room and tell me that i didn't do crap. I've had enough of her and all her bullshit! It's not fair. Sometimes i really want to scream! But then I'll get shouted on because of the fact that I'm doing something other than having my head buried in a damned textbook. Why do i have to drag her to someone who was actually a witness to my hard work to make her believe.
I wish you were here, it would make everything much easier.
Love you
Your daughter that misses you too much.

dimanche 22 novembre 2009

Letter 15

Hey Dad!
How are you? So tonight i watched a movie, New moon. I don't really know if i actually liked it.. Anyhow the whole school was there and then right after it Claudia and me went to a dinner we got invited to with some guys outside school. They're really nice guys, all gentlemen and very fun to hang out with. The difference between the two very opposite types of people is really relaxing. That's what i like about them. Apart from the fact that they're extremely amusing, the different atmosphere is a perfect escape from the weekly routine.
Anyhow I'm thinking about you a lot these days and i really miss you. I think the book I'm reading in french is making me question some things about death. In my book, there's this guy that comes back from the death and tries to kill his father (who actually caused his death) and it made me wonder. If you would ever come back, who would you go to first? Would you want any kind of vendetta?
Love you Daddy
You dearest daughter

mercredi 18 novembre 2009

Letter 14

Hey Dad!
How are you? So there's this new guy at my school he's from france and well the first month at school he used to hang out in the library during recess. Nowadays he made his group or friends and he now hangs outside. I was wondering was he shying away from everyone before? Even-though he was a student at my school years ago? I'm just curious, and trying to figure out how it feels to change schools. I'm not sure how i would react if i was to change school. Would i hide in the library or would i try to see where i fit in best between the groups of students. But in time everything falls in place. No?
Miss your presence
Your curious daughter

PS: Is curiosity a quality or a fault?

vendredi 6 novembre 2009

Picture 3

Letter 13

Hi Dad!
How are you? You know... today i noticed something really bad. So we received grades today in class (i did very well and got the fifth ± highest grade in physics) and a lot of my friends got really bad grade. and started crying so i went to cheer her up and to tell her that it's only a single grade and nothing to cry about. But you know what she told me? Not that she was upset about the grade. No. She was worried she was going to disappoint her mom. Now that doesn't sound right to me. Shouldn't she be crying about the grade? That's what bothers me. Her mom is putting pressure on her that all she is thinking about is the effect it will have on her mom. Shouldn't she be worried how a bad grade will affect her CV and her future? Parents put too much pressure to the point when a student before going in to do the test is actually stressing about not disappointing their parents than doing well. Does that seem normal to you? I think that a parent should talk to their son or daughter about the consequences of not working hard and thinking about their future. I don't know if i made sense or not.
Love you Daddy!
Miss you so much!
You daughter

Letter 12

Hi Dad!
So today i got my dose of terror! I thought i was going to lose my leg! So i was in the bus on my way home when my phone fell from my pocket, between the seat and to the back. Normally i sit at the last seat anyhow, i went to retrieve it and got stuck. My thigh was stuck between the leg of the seat, the floor and the side of the bus. The problem was that i had no way to push my was out of there except if i broke my thigh. Any movement i made sent a sharp pain through my whole leg. I was trying to keep my head but everyone around me started panicking and scary thoughts came to my mind. Like chain-saws, blood, paramedics, doctors and hospitals. Then everyone started to scare me even more i started shaking and then i really felt uncomfortable so i removed one of my shoes, pushed as hard i as could and ignored the pain that shot through my whole leg and i got through. The pain in my leg was huge afterward. But thankfully i still have my leg. But now i have an huge-ass bruise.
That was my terror for the day.
I love you and always will.
Miss you now more than ever.
Your daughter

dimanche 1 novembre 2009

A Wish

I really wish i had more time to spend with you. Our time together was so limited.

A Thought

We're infinitely small...

Picture 2

Letter 11

Hey Dad!
How are you? I'm tired but happy. I'm having lot of fun with all of my friends. Old ones and new ones. I met a bunch of guys they're so cool. They're very different than the people i normally frequent. When we go out together for example it's always so unexpected. Two days ago,Claudia and me got invited to a dinner at beach in Jbail. Okay so Claudia and me we arrive to this fancy, super white, empty restaurant. So i call the guy up and he comes and gets us. Turns out he invited us to barbecue in his tiny chalet. So there was music and they played guitar and we laughed and made a salad with Picon it was claudia's idea but it was surprisingly good. Then we went to the sea and played and had fun and all. Claudia and me came back to the chalet drenched to the bone and found ourselves facing mum and nicole. But thankfully the guys lent us some dry clothes and we left. I had a blast it was amazing.
I haven't written anything for a long time i'm so sorry.
But I love you
I'll never forget you you will live on in my heart..
Your Loving daughter