jeudi 24 mars 2011

Letter 72

Hi Dad!

How are you? I’ve been better. Now it’s sinking in. The friends whom I thought were really there for actually were just figurines, illusions. I think what hurts me the most, is the fact that I still hoped, right to the end that they cared about me enough to make an effort to patch things up again.

I sort of makes me doubt friendship. At least I know and from a long time ago that it doesn’t last. And I learned that you shouldn't trust or give too much to a person. That way you don’t get hurt. Out of all the friends I had a fallout with, I think this time was the most painful. But it’s for the best. At least I witnessed the complete face of the people that I called my best friends. So that's amazing closure. I can swallow the whole thing much better knowing who they really were.

Anyway, I love you pap.

I miss you so much.



PS: I dyed streaks pink, like I did in summer 2 years ago but it's more discreet seeing that my school does not approve. But so far they didn’t tell me anything… yet.

lundi 7 mars 2011

Letter 71

Hi Dad! how are you? I’m at school now, we were supposed to present our project but the teachers bailed… Ironic right? So now we’re hanging out. I have a history test the next period.. I’m starting to stress a bit… The teacher has it in or me for some reason… She hates me and I think today at lunch I made it worse.
So I was talking to my friend about our report card (btw my grades are pretty good) and I was telling her how all my grades were above the average except in History and my excuse was ïnno c’est Mme Kik!”And guess who was right next to me? Yup you got it.
But seriously the next time she uses me to let out all of her frustrations, I’m going to talk to her because, I really can’t take anymore of her crap. So I’m going to stand up for myself… Yes I’m quite the revolutionary…
Anyways, I love you so much!
Many many kisses

dimanche 6 mars 2011

letter 70

Hi Dad!
How are you? I miss you so much! Pap my friends threw me a surprise party yesterday night! it was amazing! I had now idea!
So that night I was supposed to go to have dinner with Fleur at ABC at 8. So Lynno said that she would drop me and have a drink with her friends while waiting for me. So before going to Ashrafiyeh, we stop to a dekken to get chips. Then we continue down to Mkalles. At that point,  mum calls to tell Lynno that fleur “cancelled” her dinner. So we drive back up to Broumana and on the way we stopped by the DVD shop. Then Lynno said she wanted kebbeh la2teen to we drove (for the second time) to Gout Frais. But Gout Frais was closed then Lynno wanted Falefel but then out of the blue she bailed and we drove back home. We arrived and I was trying to cheer up lynno by saying that we were going to watch movies all night right? So I look at the salon and see on the table 3 candles and a bowl of nuts. My first thought was,”ok… mum wants to kanken while watching the movies”and I turn in the salon and “SURPRISE!”I see around 25 people standing near the dining table at the end of the salon.
It was great! And I had fun until everyone left at around past two.
It was really amazing I had tons of fun.
I wish you were there…
Many kisses
I love to the point that the whole universe does not compare to it’s vastness.

jeudi 3 mars 2011

Letter 69

Hi Dad!

How are you? I miss you so much.
I sometimes don’t understand the people around me. How can someone so close to you one day and be so bitter the next? And since when does friendship have an expiry date or an on/off button?
It’s just illogical to turn to someone close to you and say, “I’m bored” and ignore you the next few months and treat you like s**t (at least I censored… :P). But I did try to see what the problem was and I really offered to apologize to anything I had done, whatever it was. Because I’m not perfect, no one is. But what is it that I did to deserve this kind of treatment? At least let they have the decency to reply or give me a valid reason. But after all this time of waiting, I don’t think I would apologize to anything anymore really... Where they even my friend to begin with? To end our friendship so abruptly for no particular reason is so strange…
Anyway, I hope you’re okay…
I love you always
Many trillion kisses