mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Letter 56

Hi Dad!
How are you? My summer has just begun. Well for the next 6 days... I've finished my summer work for school and so basically... I'M FREE!
Today Arlo and Kika are flying back to Muscat. And the house, for the second time this summer is rendered lifeless.... Almost.
And with that I stay alone at home for the second day in a row. Why is that? You ask... Because I am too tired of being in a negative environment. Take last night for instance. The family came back home at around 11:45 PM. I was alone all day and got a bit paranoid at some point when the light faded to dark i thought I could hear someone (or something) chewing on some bones on the balcony (i was sitting on the floor in the salon as usual). And knowing my childhood fear of dark creatures lurking in the shadows i did not dare look out. I presumed is there was in fact some bone munching 4 meters away, i should let the beast finish his meaty feast and not bother him with some ear-splitting screams.
 Back to previous matters, the family came home with some, at first, interesting gossip. Turns out the supposedly amusing news was around the topic I hate the most. The famous and mysterious sister rivalry between my dear aunts (and i think uncle too). In the past, let's say two years, there has been a weird fall out between mom and her sister that then grew and grew and grew. Since it broke out, there has been a lot of talks between the cousins, aunts and uncles. At first i was shocked at the situation, then at my own naivety for not noticing anything earlier then came sadness, anger and then I simply lost interest. Not because I got bored at the drama that normal families would seek in Gossip Girl, but because every time i listened the same things were said, the same arguments were presented and each time it ended with an open end and anger for both the speaker and the listener. I thought at first that they would talk for a bit then change the subject. But they went on and on about the same damn thing. The worst is that what fist started as rivalry between two sisters it transformed into arguments between aunts and niece. When the true culprits we're not in a 20 Km radius. The person itself wasn't in the same room let alone the same area.
Well i did as i do every time the subject lingers, i picked up my stuff and left. I ended up watching a movie and falling asleep at around 3:30 am. It's ridiculous. 
So anyway, everyone went to Nicole to have lunch. I bailed. I still feel a little unstable and I'm not ready to face Nicole. I love my aunt with all my heart, don't get me wrong but i can't expose myself to so much pessimism and negative energy. I can't... I just can't... I love her but now i can't handle her. I love her with all my heart it's just hard right now. But I love her so much and i have fun with her and she's great... i just need to regain fully my patience. After this summer i need to find my old optimistic self. It sort of ran out at some point. But all is in the past now.
I have two new developments:
1- I'm the lead singer of a band. Although from my point of view it's not quite official, I went to a friend's house, i did my audition and got accepted. Although Coldplay is not my choice of playlist but it's what they want to play. So |'m going along with that. Why is it unofficial? Because i have yet to meet the other band members. I know just the guitarist the rest i never met them. Next week we'll have our fist official band practice. Fun no?
2- I got a second tattoo. Don't freak! It's tiny About 1cm big! On my left ankle a tiny tiny mustache. It's really small. I love it. Haha...
I love you Nino...
I miss you like no other