mardi 31 août 2010

Letter 55

Hi Dad!
How are you? I miss you. I've been in a bad mood lately. That's why I haven't written. I'm sorry.
This week has been all study. I need to finish my summer homework before the 4th. In math Jad helped me and we finished it surprisingly quick. But french, that's the problem. I think i need to be in the total mood of study and Victor Hugo, Baudelaire, Verlaine and all of their friends. But I'm moving forward so that's good.
I just woke up 3 minutes ago. It's so weird I sleep without feeling like I slept at all. I wake up late and all sore. But these past few days I've been going to sleep at around 2 am - 3 am and sometimes even later. I don't know why. I just can't sleep earlier. I hate this! I miss my morning! But that's not a major problem.
The one thing that's actually on my mind now is the fact that i have 2 more years of school and I'm gone. I'm off. What's even worse? I have school in 2 weeks. 1ere. 11th grade. Fudge! (I've found ways to swear without actually swearing ;D). Dad in one year and 5 months I'm legal. AND driving. Isn't that a bit scary?
Later in I want to work in something that involves a lot of art. So i opted for Advertising or Graphic Design. Imagine. Comics, sketches, 3D graphics, drawing, cinema, sculpting, painting, crafting, etching, CREATING!  There are so many things i want to try out.
This year I've been expanding my creative side. I've been drawing a lot more and I've been taking on many projects like sculpture and beading and painting, dying. I have a lot of ideas for t-shirts. We have a sewing machine and mom is going to fix it for me and teach me who to use it. Imagine the possibilities! I want to do so many things and I'm so excited. It's an incredible feeling when I'm crafting. I love the scissors, glue, needle, metallic string. IT'S AMAZING!
I have to go back to my french homework.
I love you so much
I miss you more than ever and thinking about you so much
Kisses and Hugs (the one when you used to arrive from Jeddah at night and i was awake THAT hug.)
Your samsouma.

lundi 16 août 2010

Letter 54

Hello Dad!
How are you? I'm good. I'm glad that Faraya is over.
First, there are so many people I just didn't want to see. And in the Jardin de Mza'art there is absolutely no way to avoid them.
Next, the music there is on replay so the one you kind of liked you hate them now. And the first day they played classical music. I have no problem with classical music but Opera? And Latin? Why?
Then there is the whole coming up and going back down that's a problem. I normally don't mind riding in a car but the way is about a 50 minutes drive from the house. It's tiring. Plus we never arrived early or on time. We were always 30 minutes late minimum. But the relief is that there is Dana Adada that shared the stand with mom so it was nice and crowded.
Did we sell well? No we didn't. But everyone was complaining not just us. So i think that was consoling. Dana made a doll all in mosaic. It looked amazing. L'Orient came asked her a few questions and snapped a few pictures. The next day in the news paper they printed an article with many artists appearing in there and in between there is Dana and the picture of her doll. A woman called and bought the doll for 2400$. She lives in Marseilles. Amazing no?
I'm not emotionally comfortable  in Faraya. I don't know why each time i arrived in Faraya i felt sad or tired. It's like when I'm in Paris. It's just not my element.
What's even more choking, it's how the people my age and younger look all the same. The same clothes (short t-shirts, short shorts and gladiator shoes, sandals Ben Simon or converse). The same phone.. Wait for it... *drum roll*.... BlackBerry! and yes it's very normal for a 6 yrs-old to carry one with a cover the same color as her t-shirt. Oh even better i've never seen so many channel and Louis Vuiton bags on such a young crowd... The funny thing is that those bags are initially school bags. YES! For books and pens and food! I still use my 5 yrs old East-Pack. The same glasses, the same manners... They have so many common point that in the end they all look the same even the face and voice and everything else. It's discusting because so many times i passe a group of copy-paste girls and someone gets mad at me and scream "mat salmeh" (don't say hello) as if i was snobbing them. The truth id guys you all look the SAME! How am I to pick the needle out of the hay stack?! Another funny thing is that this doesn't apply only to girls. The guys too have a dress code. You HAVE TO WEAR Ralph Lauren but only the one with the big logo! And you HAVE TO wear Yokidoki. Or else you're skewered (haha get it? skewered?)
And the worst thing is that they judge you if you're not a twin.
So all in all, you're not missing much. But i would have been nice to have you there or anyone of the family. They all ditched us before Faraya...
I Love you Dad!
I miss you so much