vendredi 19 novembre 2010

Mum's India trip

Letter 63

Hi Dad!
How are you? I miss you. I'm just writing to tell you that life's been good for me lately. I'm on vacation thanks to the eid el-Adha. So i have one week off. I've been going out with my friends a lot and having a lot of fun.
Mom came back from India last week and she had a blast. I think it was the perfect break for her. When she came back she looked amazing. I'll send you a picture now and you'll see.
I love you!
And i miss you so much
A hundred kisses
Your syma

vendredi 12 novembre 2010

Letter 62

Hi Dad!
How are you? Guess what? I'm sick... And it sucks... So I stayed home today and didn't go to school. Yesterday it was Lyne's birthday. I left early school to "rest" but we ended up having lunch at Beirut Souks then Lyne had a meeting so we parted. Nicole was with us, we went to Khoury Home because mom had to pay for a wedding wish-list and we got Lyne an american coffee maker. We dropped off Nicole and then went to Habtour to get Lynno coffee from Dunkin'. Then we went home. At 7PM I was asleep.
I miss you so much.
Your Samsouma that loves you enormously

lundi 1 novembre 2010

Letter 61

Hi dad!
How are you? I miss you so much! Guess what?! Mom is in India! She left with one of Myriam's organized group. It sounds like she's having fun...
She's constantly sending me messages. She left Thursday, and friday and today i didn't have school. My weekend was packed! Thursday after school i went to Loulwa's to finish filming for my documentary. T
he day after that from 1 till 6 i was at Karl's house we had band practice. We're doing two Eric Clapton songs and some Guns 'N' Roses. It's okay... Not really my type of music... But it's fun. Mostly i'm going it to get rid of my nervousness in front of a crowd.
Then Saturday in the morning I studied and seeing that i was supposed to go to a halloween party I dressed up as Lady Gaga! I drew (Lyn did most the drawing) a blue lightning bolt on my face and i wore an electric blue wig. But before the halloween party I had Battle Of the Bands, my friends were participating. So at 5:30 i left the house to go to Jounieh where i met up with the whole group. It was really nice. One band was scary. It was Metal music and all screaming but surprisingly the singer was good! Then there was a band called BTL (Between the Line) they were awesome. Their drummer was phenomenal. And the singers' voice was really nice.
After battle of the bands we received messages saying there was no more tickets for the halloween party. We were about 15 and we didn't know where to go. We then decided to go to Gemayze and 7 of us decided to go to a pub. We danced it  was really fun.
Then the next day was also packed. In the morning i studied until Lynno screamed at me that we had to leavre (around 12:45) We then went to Nicoles', she just bought a barbecue and decided to do a sort of family lunch. I was really good. There was Lyn, Teta, Nini, Julien, Georges (Julien's cousin), Khalo and Samia. We ate then at 3, me and Lyn decided to go to Le 17e Salon Du Livre Francophone. It was way too crowded and the books were boring (yup i did just say a warehouse full of thousands of books was boring... Really it was sad...). We then went to Virgin Megastore but didn't end up staying too long.
We had a coffee in Chez Paul in Downtown. Rana, Lyn's friend met us there we talked. It was really nice then we went to a pub called Demo. The Incompetents were gonna play so we sat down and i met more of Lyn's friends. That was the coolest thing about that night. I finally experienced Lyn's social life. I didn't know the people she usually hung out with up until last night. They are very cool people, very funny.
At first the atmosphere was creepy with sort of sound effects of old horror movies. We were really freaked out. But people came in in costumes and the mood got better. The Incompetents played and they were amazing! Then me and Lyn came back home and fell asleep.
Today was mostly at home finishing my homework. I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm going to sleep.
I love you dad...
I miss you enormously
Big kisses
Your samsouma