mercredi 24 août 2011

Letter 77


Hey Dad!

How’ve you been? I miss you so much. I’m so sorry I didn’t write sooner. I guess I’ve been thinking about many things. I meant to visit you but I guess I’ve been postponing the visit… But I will soon.

So let me tell you about this summer. There’s so much to tell… I’ve been very busy and very productive. Before getting to that part let me start from the beginning.

First of all, I finished school so good. So I passed the first part of the BAC (l’anticipation). I was soo happy when I got the results. Here they are:

French écrit:   10     (not too happy about this one but whatever)

French oral:    15      (Open-mouthed smile)

Sciences:          15

TPE:                    17     (That’s the project we worked on all year. I worked with Claudia and Loulwa. Out topic was a parallel between tattoos and literature. I had so much fun working on it –most of the times-)

Annnnnnnndd best result saved for last  *drum roll please*….

Math                                    19    (Great right?!?! That one made my week not only my day. I got the prize for the best in math in my class, not that it was that hard but still it means something right?)

So that goes for school. I start in a few weeks. I’m soo not in the mood. I don’t want summer to be over seriously. I’m having enormous amounts of fun.

The most shocking this is the fact that I’m going into my LAST year of school. Terminale. This year and I’m done. Weird huh?

Enough about school it depresses me whenever I think that I have to start waking up t 6 again. So let’s move on.

Next on the list is my weight. It came to a point where I couldn’t fit into my clothes. Here I would wear loose shirts and loose pants and not dare look into a mirror. But the worst thing is that I couldn’t really see it. So we drew a line mum, aya and me. And I started a diet. I went to see the dietitian and what he told me was like a bitch slap to the face (sorry for the foul mouth, because anything else would have been an understatement). He scared the crap right out of me.

Obese in the first degree.

Scariest thing I ever heard. So that’s where I drew a line. I’m done. I’m starting this thing and will never have to ever again in my life.

So now 2 and a half moths later, I’m down around 11 kg. Yeah it feels good. Really. I still can’t believe it. I still need to loose a lot more but it’s a start. So I started with 86 kg and my goal is to reach the 61. Then I can tell everyone that “yeah I lost 25 kg in my teenaged years.” 25 kg that’s a lot a kis batata. Hahaha. On this topic we will be talking about it for a while. So I’m gonna move on.


Next comes Hadi and Aya. They came we had a great time although not all together but still.  Aya had her solo exhibition which was amazing as usual. And Hadi well we had an amazing time together. We had a few driving lessons seeing that I’m gonna be 18 in 6 months (Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Yay!!) 


I have to go but this letter is just the beginning soo I’ll talk to you soon, I promise.

Love you so much it hurts..

A thousand kisses