mercredi 1 février 2012

Letter 84


Daddy! I forgot to tell you something! Guess what?! I just got accepted early admission AUB! AHHH I’m so happy it’s not even funny. I never thought I’d get in. I don’t know why. I guess I always thought my grades suck and I’m generally a bad student (grade wise). Í guess it’s normal to get that impression when every year there’s always someone reminding me that I suck. So TAKE THAT ALL OF YOU! I swear I feel so much better.

ALTHOUGH… I got in Studio arts which is a program that “seeks to train students in skills and concepts needed to develop as practicing artists and to make meaningful statements in the visual arts. It offers a core program with flexibility in the choice of studio concentrations in painting, sculpture and ceramics.” Not bad. But! But, I’m waiting to see if I get accepted in Graphic Design as a regular applicant. I just sent in my scores a few weeks ago so they must arrive soon. So fingers crossed!

Love you daddy. I have to go study philosophy, I have a test tomorrow so.. I’ve got to hurry up and revise some more if I want to get a good mark.

I miss you terribly.

Your Samsouma