lundi 24 janvier 2011

Letter 68

Hi Dad!
How are you? I’m not bad. So as usual, Lebanon’s without a government. I’m the worst person who could possibly try to explain it to you. I have really no clue what exactly is going on except that we’re possibly on the brim of having another war. That’s that for Lebanon’s political situation.
On to more interesting events: Nicole came yesterday for lunch with Teta and Zoya (Nicole’s new kitten). They came and we ate raclette!!!!! After 7 years of asking mum we finally found the machine and we are with Parma ham and meat. It was nice.
Rasha’s coming supposedly after tomorrow for an exhibition. It depends on the situation. So I’m pretty excited about that.
Gia is still AWOL. I’m really worried about her. And I miss her terribly.
I love you dad
I miss you so much
Many many kisses.

dimanche 9 janvier 2011

Letter 67

Hi Dad!
How are you? I miss you so much. I hope you're doing fine. It's 2011 and already I feel somewhat guilty. Papi I miss her so much you cannot believe how much I miss her pap. I feel so bad to have left her like I did. And for what? I'm sure she thinks I abandoned her and I don't care about her but I want her back. And I can't accept the fact that she's gone. I miss her so much. Why did I have to get so attached? It's not fair that I have to part with her like that. I could have done something other than abandon her. Now she's not here anymore. My baby isn't here anymore. No offense or anything but I really don't want her to be with you right now. I love you and all but I still need to make amends to the sucky kittenhood she had. But how could she survive outside? For 11 yrs we've fed her and gave her a warm home. But now she's left to fend for herself in the cold against things she's terrified of (mostly because of me) I really would do anything to just know at least what happened. Why isn't she down there like the last two times? Mrs. Houdini is now REALLY gone. Dad if she's out there could you keep an eye on her for me? Please? It hurts dad, so much. Why do I have to go through this again? What did I ever do to anyone?
I still miss you extremely pap
And I still love you comme ca
Your Syma that wishes you were here too...